I have embarked with my ‘doktorvater’ Steffen Roth and a gang of incurable Luhmannians in a crowd ethnology experiment intends to be an interface to a growing platform of enthusiasts and professionals engaged in ethnographic research on the “Newnormers”.

Newnormers refers to an emerging tribe of people who adapt to or even embrace the new normality of the COVID-19-pandemic and thereafter.

Little is known yet about this new tribe of humans or post-humans, set aside their basic compliance with a diverse set of anti-pandemic measures and their general appraisal of this crisis as a chance. For what, we do not know …

If you are interested in studying or even going native with the Newnormers in your living environment, online, or elsewhere, then do not hesitte to reach out to me or send us a message using the form available at our website.

We are fluent in English, Arabic, Portuguese, German and Danish, and open to all schools and modes of ethnographic research.

The only basic requirement for acting as an ethnographer of the Newnormers is that you are not a Newnormer yourself … yet.

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